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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Membership the Model different than Enroling into Courses ?

While courses are at the center of the membership programs, courses alone are not enough to master the skills. 

With the Membership Models we introduce a unique approach where you become part of the community which is foused on Mastering Devops. You get access to the following 4Cs, 

  1. Courses 
  2. Coaching 
  3. Community
  4. Challenges

This offers a holistic approach to learn and grow together as well as give you an opportunity to be part of the network of devops professionals worldwide. 

How long is my Access Valid for ?

When you join the Devops Mastery System as a Silver Member , you have access to the following at one Time Fee (No recurring subscriptions)  

  1. Courses which are part of your Silveer Membership Plan. Check the membership details to know whats included. 
  2. Coaching where you interact with your mentor live on regular basis. These are not 1-on-1 sessions but typically are conducted in Group Coaching format for about an hour at a time. 
  3. Community on web and WhatsApp where you could hang out, ask questions, discuss topics related to devops and network with fellow devops practitioners. 
  4. Challenges which are designed to help you learn the topics, complete the course materials and master your skills using a mission based approach. You complete missions in a fixed duration of time. You could participate in the challenges any time and repeate as many times as you would like. 

While Silver Membership is One-Time Fee basis, which means there is no time restricted access,. Gold Membership comes with Self Paced Courses which are valid for 3 years. 

Diamond membership gives you everything in Gold, but there would be additional features we are planning to introduce such as Masterminds, Projects, Accountibility System, Pro Certification etc. which would need a lot of involvement from the mentors side. Its not yet final, but its possible that these additional features would be subscriptino based (1 year access) which can be renewed. We are planning to launch the Diamond Membership in late 2023, and final details would be available then. 

Do you Offer Classroom Trainings ?

No we currently only offer all our programs via online mode. We do not offer Classroom Training Programs. 

Is this a Instructed Led Live Training ?

We get asked this a lot. Well, we follow a hybrid model. 

Why do we not do live instructor led programs ?  

  • In my experience as a Corporate Trainer, and I have an expeirnece of conducting 500+ trainings behind me, I can surely tell you that no form of instructor led workshops could give you the depth of learning that the video courses, if done right, can provide you. For example, the Kubernetes workshops that I conduct, which span across 20 hours (5 days x 4 hours session a day) , I could cover about 40-50% of the content that I have in my video course.   
  • Instructor led live training sessions are a logistical nightmare. You have to get the top class instructors, make time in their schedules, match that time with all the student's schedules, and do that for all the sessions, which is a impossible task. Considering that we have learners from all across the globe. So you would have to either compromise on the quality of the faculty, miss some of the lectures, and play constat catch up with the content missed etc. Live session recordings get boaring as they are not crisp and longer than the video lessons which are recorded in a consize, crisp format and have gone through editing process.   
  • Wherever there are people involved in the delivery, specially highly skilled people, it gets expensive for everyone. World class instructors cost upwords of a thousand dollars a day, while recorded courses can bring the economies of scale in terms of distribution, and you get the same content for a small fraction of the overall cost. 
  • Instuctor led live programs are not scalable. My mission is to reach a million IT professionals by 2030 and make a impact to their careers by helping them master devops skills. Its just not possible with the live sessions. For example, I could do close to 500 workshops which translates to roughly 10000 lifes touched, verus I could reach to 100,000 students in half of that time via recorded video courses. 

Having said that, I still do the Corproate Trainings, which are live instructor led programs, demand for that is not subsiding, corporates are still spending millions on such workshops, despite availibility of large number of learning platforms and video courses. ? Why?  

I acknowledge this , and also the fact that course completion rates for udemy style video courses are low. Following are the factors that I believe is the reason for this,  

  1. Lack of Motivation : Its very difficult to stay on the course and complete the curriculum unless there is external push, a time bound effort etc. 
  2. Lack of Interactivity : As humans, we crave the human interaction, which is missing with purely video courses. 
  3. Lack of Community: Being part of a community of fellow learners who are in the same boat, is helpful to stat on course as well as to motivate each other. Plus having people who are ahead of you in the career is a great way to seek guidance and know where you could get. Community would help with this. 

This is the reason why I have introduced the Membership Model which is a combination of Courses, Community, Coaching and Challenges. While courses give you the deep learning experience, coaching helps you with regular interactions, challenges help you stay on the course and community helps you keep motivated. Thats the power of the 4Cs Membership Model. And thats our approach to Devops Mastery. 

Silver, Gold, Diamond , What the Difference ? Which one should I pick ?

We have created the tiered membership model so that you could take a pick based on the right amount of combination of 

  1. how fast you want to progress and
  2. how much you are willing to invest in your education 

Whats Common to ALL ?

Things that are common for all membership tiers (Silver, Gold Diamond) would be, 

  1. Community Access : You would have access to the community on Discord or equivalent for lifetime. 
  2. Coaching : You could interact live with your mentor on regular basis. Its a group coaching format. 
  3. Challenges: You would have access to the challenges which would motivate you to complete the missions and master devops skills in the process. Currently we have a 50 Day Kubernetes Challenge ready. We are working on 15 Week Challenge ( will revolve around Ultimate Devops Bootcamp course) and a 5 Day Challenge. You could take these challenges any time you want.     

Whats Different between Silver and Gold ?

The Key difference between the Silver and Gold memberships is the Courses.  

Silver membership gives you access to 

  • Devops Mastery Blueprint 
  • Ultimate Devops Bootcamp  
  • along with a few bonuses. 

Gold gives you access to all of above and to the following courses, 

Mastery Series 

  1. AWS Essentials 
  2. Docker Mastery
  3. Kubernetes Mastery 
  4. Ansible Mastery 
  5. Terraform Mastery 

Premium Series ( You could also check out these courses on Linux Foundation site with the links below. Authored by me, and included with Gold) 

  1. LFS261 - CI/CD Mastery 
  2. LFS262 - DevSecOps Mastery  
  3. LFS269 - GitOps Mastery with FluxCD 

Bonus Courses 

  1. Openshift Mastery
  2. Docker for Windows 
  3. Service Mesh with Istio
  4. Puppet Mastery
  5. Chef Mastery 

Basically, with Gold Membership you have access to all the courses that I have created so far. And to create each of this course, I have spent about 2 months of my full time work schedule. This can easily translate into months learning efforts for you. 

Which one should I pick ?

  • If you are not sure if Devops is for you or not, do not pick any. Get my Introduction to Devops and SRE for FREE and decide first. 
  • If you want to master Devops go with Gold Membership. It gives you the best possible value. 
  • If you want to just explore the Memberships or do not have the budget for Gold yet, start with Silver Membership. 


Effective Progression of Concepts
Terraform Bootcamp

Gourav Shah's training session was a very educative one and I am glad I enrolled in it.

The things I liked about his course:


1. Very well structured and in a very efficient and effective progression of concepts to learn in a good order .......

Best Training
CI/CD Bootcamp

Best training if you are new to CI/CD concepts event tough you know a little bit. The trainer was patient and very well prepared. He was able to address each one's doubt. The syllabus was very well formed and it covered most important topics related to CI/CD with practical sessions.

Amazing trainer with deep understanding of kubernetes
Kubernetes Bootcamp

k8s was a buzzword for me until i had this training , i am feeling really confident and ready to deep dive in. All thanks to our trainer Gourav Shah very well organized labs for hands on.

CI/CD Bootcamp

Gouarav is an extremely experience dev ops engineer, and was one of the most prepared presenters I've ever encountered. Thanks for the excellent weeklong course. I am ready to do everything you taught in the course for my current and future roles.

Hands Down for the Best Trainer for DevOps & K8s
Kubernetes Bootcamp

Gaurav has an intelligent teaching method, which is more like storytelling, starting from the very basics to taking to a stage where you build real-world solutions and debug challenges. The designed labs were great and worked as expected without a hitch. Overall it was an experience one can get addicted to for training and learning. Looking forward to more of your content.

One of the Best Courses I've taken!
Fantastic Terraform training!

Gourav Shah was a fantastic instructor who provided great lab material which explained the reasons for performing each step and gradually building our knowledge on Terraform.

Gourav also patiently answered all questions and helped everyone who needed assistance.

This was definitely one of the best courses I've taken!

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