Building a Community of Skilled Devops Professionals.

School of Devops is founded by me, Gourav Shah. Hence here I primarily talk about the vision and misson I started it with. I definitely want you to be part of it to to create a community of Devops Professionals who are helping world to be a more Reliable Place.


My Vision

My Vision is to Build a Community of Highly Skilled, Ethical and Committed Devops Professionals, who are helping Organisations Worldwide by building Reliable Systems and helping them Go to Market Faster, while having a Fulfilling Professional Career and Harmonious Family Life.


My Mission

I am on a Mission to Make a Positive Impact to 1,000,000 (Yes you read it right, that One Million) IT Professionals by helping them master Devops Skills.


My Approach

I am working on a Project Led Learning Approach (PLL) with Membership Model which consists of Courses, Coaching, Community and Challenges to help IT Professionals achieve Devops Mastery. 

Hi! I Am Gourav Shah

I’m a Open Source Enthusiast turned into a Devops Trainer, Author and a Consultant. While Devops skills are in high demand, companied world over are struggling to hire the right talent. In 2012, I quit my corporate job and set myself the mission to help one million IT professionals to Master Devops Skills. So far I have been fortunate enough to touch the careers of more than 1,00,000 techies through my corporate trainings and courses. I have trained at some of the top companies including Cisco, Walmart Labs, Visa, Intuit, Mercedes Benz, Dreamworks, Expedia, Qualcomm, Schneider, Citrix, Adobe, Accenture, Ericsson and many more. I am a published author with one book and more than 20 courses published on various platforms including Udemy, Safari Books Online and prestigious Linux Foundation. I am proud to have my course on SRE and Devops published on edX. I have founded School of Devops to build a community of highly skilled, ethical and committed Devops Professionals who are helping Organisations worldwide to build reliable systems and helping them go to market faster.









Our Corporate Clientel


Effective Progression of Concepts
Terraform Bootcamp

Gourav Shah's training session was a very educative one and I am glad I enrolled in it.

The things I liked about his course:


1. Very well structured and in a very efficient and effective progression of concepts to learn in a good order .......

Best Training
CI/CD Bootcamp

Best training if you are new to CI/CD concepts event tough you know a little bit. The trainer was patient and very well prepared. He was able to address each one's doubt. The syllabus was very well formed and it covered most important topics related to CI/CD with practical sessions.

Amazing trainer with deep understanding of kubernetes
Terraform Bootcamp

k8s was a buzzword for me until i had this training , i am feeling really confident and ready to deep dive in. All thanks to our trainer Gourav Shah very well organized labs for hands on.

CI/CD Bootcamp

Gouarav is an extremely experience dev ops engineer, and was one of the most prepared presenters I've ever encountered. Thanks for the excellent weeklong course. I am ready to do everything you taught in the course for my current and future roles.

Hands Down for the Best Trainer for DevOps & K8s
Kubernetes Bootcamp

Gaurav has an intelligent teaching method, which is more like storytelling, starting from the very basics to taking to a stage where you build real-world solutions and debug challenges. The designed labs were great and worked as expected without a hitch. Overall it was an experience one can get addicted to for training and learning. Looking forward to more of your content.

One of the Best Courses I've taken!
Fantastic Terraform training!

Gourav Shah was a fantastic instructor who provided great lab material which explained the reasons for performing each step and gradually building our knowledge on Terraform.

Gourav also patiently answered all questions and helped everyone who needed assistance.

This was definitely one of the best courses I've taken!

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